Message from the President

Submitted by david on Wed, 02/05/2020 - 11:13
J. Bradley Baker

Happy 2020 to colleagues and friends! I am so honored to serve as your KMTA President for the next two years. If there’s ever anything I can do to help you, I hope that you will not hesitate to contact me. KMTA is dedicated to your success and development as a musician and educator!

            Looking to the horizon for upcoming events in our organization, please consider attending the 2020 MTNA National Conference held in Chicago March 21-25. There are numerous sessions on the use of technology in lessons, working with special learners, helping middle schoolers thrive, and much, much more! There will also be special performances by the winner of the National Chopin Piano Competition, as well as international pianist Anton Nel. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to have fun  – and learn in the process – with your colleagues and friends!

            We were so inspired by the presenters at the 2019 State Conference held at Tabor College in September, and many of us left ready for more! Well, thankfully, we now have details for the next State Conference! The 2020 KMTA State Conference will be held September 25-26 at Manhattan Christian College (Manhattan, KS). Guest artist and conference presenter details are forthcoming, but it promises to be a phenomenal event, so please mark your calendars and watch for further updates!

            I also want to encourage your participation in your local chapter’s events, including Music Progressions. We now have a new collaborative piano track for students to play with their vocal or instrumental friends!  Registration deadlines are included in the winter issue of the KMTA UPDATE, so please consider being a part of this wonderful event!

            As we look to the future of our Kansas state chapter, my hope is to connect with each and every one of our local chapters to continue offering the services and events that our members crave! The musical future is in your hands, and KMTA wants to be at your service to ensure your success! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime – my cell number is 440.781.0664 and my email address is I will always make time to speak with you, and it is my pleasure to serve you. I look forward to seeing you again soon, and may we ever strive for musical excellence in all we do!



                                                            J. Bradley Baker, DMA, NCTM