president's message

Message from the President

Submitted by david on Sat, 06/10/2017 - 14:01

So much news to share!  I hope that as you work towards your spring recitals, local association events, and/or Music Progressions that you can be excited in what is happening in your own studios! 

Thank you to David Tauscher’s work in getting the new website up and running.  Talk about an update!   Same web address, but a new look and layout for the information for KMTA members – and for future new members, yes?

I look forward to representing Kansas at the MTNA Conference in Baltimore in March.  Thank you for this opportunity.  I continue to be impressed with the involvement of Kansas in leadership and attendance at the Conference.  Two Kansans were selected to present sessions at the Conference:  Wichita State’s Justine Sasanfar, and Bethany College’s Lillian Green.  And, a recent report on certification has Kansas ranked 10th in the nation for percentage of member teachers that are Nationally Certified Teachers of Music!  Thank you for the efforts of the teachers that have worked for certification, and the leaders that have mentored them along the way.  Can I say it again?  Kansas is in the top 10 highest percentage of teachers that are certified through MTNA! (Click on "Read more" for entire message).