Message from the President

Submitted by david on Sat, 06/10/2017 - 14:01

I’m sure that many of you are most always in studio planning mode for what lies six months or more ahead! May you also have time to enjoy “the now” in the summer as well.

The KMTA Board has been planning for the upcoming year, and I hope you’re involved with your own upcoming local associations events. With Brett Janssen planning the Fall Conference, the board gave suggestions and oversight to the plans. Look them up!! We are so glad that we will have Barbara Lister-Sink again as Conference Artist and Clinician. With her landmark work in developing well-coordinated, injury-preventive technique, she will have much to offer teachers of any level of students. Save the date: October 20-21!!

Representing Kansas in the Divisional, State Presidents, and National Business meetings, I attended the MTNA conference in Baltimore, MD, in mid-March. Thank you to KMTA for this opportunity! As I’ve said before, there is so much that inspires at these conferences. A good contingency was present as Paul Reed was recognized as an MTNA Fellow. The KMTA board plans to organize support for other people worthy of such recognition every other year. Please consider who among us may be recognized in 2019!

Additionally, please also talk amongst your own associations if there are members that should be recommended for Outstanding Teacher/Service Awards. It seems that with the utilization of electronic information, such recommendations are not being made – and I’m sure there are those that have for many years shown their service and teaching capabilities. Please look for the information to turn in!

Early in June, I attended the KMEA Leadership Camp, along with other affiliate members and state officers. Along the lines of leadership that I want to offer here is this: When seeking others to step into a leadership role, how important it is for them to know that there will be assistance? That there is never a “silly question,” that they are not alone! As you make plans for what is six months (or more!) in the future, whether within your association units, or district involvement, it is important for those in leadership positions to offer assistance to those who may be new to the routine – help them to feel comfortable, and to grow into the role they have accepted.

This is offered as just one of the ways that we can collectively strengthen our association, the results and benefits of shared leadership, advocacy for each other, and support for our efforts as music teachers.

Respectfully yours,

Daniel J. Masterson
KMTA President