The KMTA Honors Auditions are proudly sponsored by Capitol Federal®

The Honors Auditions were created to allow any student to participate. Music students of any age level and experience are eligible to participate. Even though the event is a competition, the Honors Auditions are specifically designed to be a positive learning experience for all students who enter them.

Teachers first register their students for the District Auditions (click "Registration and District Schedules" on the right side); if you do not know your district, contact David Tauscher.  The District Audition dates are listed on the "Registration" page.  Students receiving a "one" rating at District can proceed to State.


All enrollments will be online this year.  Payment will be by Paypal or you can write a check and mail it after you enroll your students online.  Fees are $30 per solo entry and $30 per duet team.  Chamber Music competition is $15 per student.

Piano Plan B and C Repertoire Clarification:

* Plan C Piano requires the performance of two compositions of contrasting styles or periods by two different composers. 
* Plan B Piano requires the performance of three compositions of contrasting styles or periods by three different composers chosen from Guide to Pianists Repertoire by Maurice Hinson and Pianist's Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature by Jane McGrath.  Composers not listed in these books must be approved by the VP for Auditions. 
* Method book pieces including pieces from supplemental books that accompany method books, pop tunes, show tunes, piano concerti and simplified arrangements are not allowed in this audition.

2021 State Information

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Please see the KMTA Auditions Handbook for details.