Barbara Lister-Sink

October 20-21, 2017
Central Christian College of Kansas, McPherson

Our main guest clinician will be internationally acclaimed performer and leader in injury-preventive keyboard technique, Barbara Lister-Sink. Featured conference presenters also include professionals in their field from across Kansas.

Barbara Lister-Sink has presented frequently about her piano technique for organizations including MTNA, the World Piano Pedagogy Conference, the Canadian Professional Piano Teachers Association, and the European Piano Teachers Association. Her DVD Freeing the Caged Bird won the 2002 MTNA-Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy National Award. Lister-Sink performs frequently as a state MTNA conference artist and in 1992 she presented and performed for the First World of Congress of Arts and Medicine in New York City. Dr. Lister-Sink will present a concert Friday evening following the banquet, and she will present two sessions on injury prevention at the piano on Saturday morning, and conclude the conference with a masterclass.

A “new” format for this year’s conference will be to provide two coinciding session options for which attendees can choose. While Dr. Lister-Sink will maintain sole sessions, our own KMTA professionals will present engaging topics that include twentieth century pedagogical piano pieces (Dr. Matthew Cash), Using fake books to magnify and accelerate music skills (Dr. Joel Knudsen), collaborative piano (Dr. Bradley Baker), music progressions within piano lessons (Nancy Blockcolsky and Janet Johnson), college music student presentations, and a new music reading session (DeAnn Diller). The master class will feature students representing the five districts who will be preparing for State Honors Auditions.

I am looking forward to this event and I look forward to seeing you at the conference!

                                                            Conference Program
Friday, October 20
Exhibit Hours: 12:30 – 5:15
12:30 PM WB                  Registration and Exhibits
1:00 PM WB GA              Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink: Opening Session
1:30 PM WB GA              DeAnn Diller: New Music Reading Session
1:30 PM WB 1006           Lisa Studtmann: The Quest for National Certification: Secrets from Behind the Scenes
2:30 PM WB                    Break/Exhibits
2:45 PM MBFLC 804       Kristi Baker: Literature Selection: FINDING THE PERFECT FIT
2:45 PM WB 1006           Brad Baker: Collaborative Piano, “Singing at the Piano”
3:45 PM WB                    Break/Exhibits and District Cluster Meetings
              WB GA              District 1
              WB GA              District 2
              WB 1006           District 3
              WB 1010           District 4
              WB 1005           District 5
              WB 1001           District 6
4:15 PM MBFLC 804      KU Collegiate Presentation
4:15 PM WB 1006          Joel Knudson: Using Fake Books to Magnify and Accelerate Music Skills
5:15 PM                          Walk to BSC
5:30 PM BSC                  Banquet and Awards Presentation
7:30 PM WB GA              Recital: Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink
9:00 PM MM                    Reception

Saturday, October 21
Exhibit Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
8:00 AM WB                     Registration and Exhibits
8:30 AM WB GA               Matthew Cash: Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee: A Pathway Forward into the World of                                                                                                         Contemporary Music
8:30 AM WB 1006            Nancy Blockolsky & Janet Johnson: Music Progressions
9:30 AM WB                     Break/Exhibits with Cinnamon Rolls
10:00 AM WB GA             Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink:
11:00 AM WB                   Break/Exhibits
11:15 AM WB GA             Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink:
12:30 PM BSC                 Local Association Luncheon
2:00 PM WB GA               Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink: Masterclass
3:00                                  End

Brett Janssen
Central Christian College
Vice President, Conference