Pre-College Auditions

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The following is a brief guide to the Plan B, C and D auditions. It is recommended that teachers refer to the official rules and guidelines in the Audition Handbook available under the Auditions Tab.

KMTA Pre-College District and State Auditions Plans B and C

Teacher Responsibility – Deadlines, Fees, Applications

* Submit your online registration, teacher work form and District Audition fees by your District deadline.  The entry fee is $30.00 per solo entry $30.00 per duet entry. Send one check to cover all fees.
*After your District Auditions, register your students online for the KMTA State Honors Audition and submit your Teacher Work form by email or mail.  State Audition fees of $30.00 per solo entry, $30.00 per duet entry and $15 per student in chamber groups. Pay online or send one check to cover all the students’ fees. The state registrations must be completed by September 22 6pm.  No late entries will be accepted.
* State Honors Auditions are Saturday, October 31st at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Due to the fact that all students in one category must be heard together, no special requests can be honored.


* Students of all ages are eligible.
* Entries must begin at the District Audition at all levels.
* Students must be studying with a teacher who maintains a studio in the State of Kansas and whose KMTA-MTNA dues are paid by the District Audition deadline date OR non-KMTA members must pay the $30.00 per solo entry or $30.00 for duet entry and a $40 non-member fee per entry up to three entries. The cumulative non-member fee of $120 will cover three or more entries.
* Students may not enter both MTNA and KMTA Honors Auditions the same year with the same performing medium.
* Students receiving state eligible status (“I” rating) at the district audition may proceed on to the State Auditions on October 31st.

Repertoire Requirements

* Please refer to the following sources for composer classification: Guide to Pianists Repertoire by Maurice Hinson and Pianist's Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature by Jane McGrath. 
* Repertoire may not be changed from District to State Auditions. Students are to provide a reasonably clean copy of the music with the measures numbered. Teacher and student names must not be on the music.
* Plan C Piano requires the performance of two compositions of contrasting styles or periods by two different composers. 
* Plan B Piano requires the performance of three compositions of contrasting styles or periods by three different composers chosen from Guide to Pianists Repertoire by Maurice Hinson and Pianist's Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature by Jane McGrath.  Composers not listed in these books must be approved by the VP for Auditions.
* Method book pieces including pieces from supplemental books that accompany method books, pop tunes, show tunes, piano concerti and simplified arrangements are not allowed in this audition.
* Strings are required for the performance of two compositions of different styles and composers.

Grade Groupings and Time Limits

Plan C Piano
Grades 1-2 8 minutes
Grades 3-4 8 minutes
Grades 5-6 8 minutes
Grades 7-8 10 minutes
Grades 9-10 10 minutes
Grades 11-12 10 minutes
Plan B Piano
Grades 3-4 10 minutes
Grades 5-6 10 minutes
Grades 7-8 15 minutes
Grades 9-10 15 minutes
Grades 11-12 20 minutes
Grades 1-3 6 minutes
Grades 4-6 8 minutes
Grades 7-9 10 minutes
Grades 10-12 15 minutes
Piano Duet
Grades 1-3 8 minutes
Grades 4-6 8 minutes
Grades 7-9 10 minutes
Grades 10-12 10 minutes
Memorization Requirements: All solo piano music must be memorized. Memorization of music for strings is optional. Memorization is not required for piano duets.

Copied Music: A release form must be signed for any copied music.

Open Auditions: All KMTA District and State Auditions are open to the public.


* Decisions of the judges are final and may not be questioned by participants, parents or teachers.
* Judges will write an evaluation for each student.
* In all grade groupings, students will be given a rating of I or II. A plus or minus may be used with the ratings. The judge will select one Winner, one Runner-up and one or more Honorable Mentions.
* Awards: All students will receive a certificate. The Winner, Runner-up, Honorable Mentions and students with a I rating will receive an award.

KMTA Pre-College District Plan D

Rules and Repertoire Requirements for KMTA Non-Competitive Audition Track


* All general rules of KMTA audition eligibility will apply.
* Any student may participate at any age level.

General Rules

* Plan D is open to brass, strings, woodwinds, percussion, voice, and piano.
* Entrants may perform solo or ensemble works.
* All students will be judged by one adjudicator on their general musicianship and quality of performance.
* Technical suggestions of a general, not necessarily an instrument-specific, nature will be made by the adjudicator.
* Ratings will be I (Superior musicianship with a polished performance); II (Very good musical understanding and quality of performance); III (Good musicianship overall and quality of performance); IV (Fair musicianship or quality of performance).
* A plus or minus may be used by the adjudicator to further define the rating.
* Written comments supporting the rating will be given; verbal comments, also, if time allows.
* This performance category will be for District level only.
* Award ribbons for “Special Recognition” will be given at the discretion of the adjudicator.
* There is no required number of awards, nor limit to number of awards that can be given.

Time Requirements

* Up to 8 minutes will be allotted for adjudication at all levels.
* If length of piece exceeds 8 minutes, adjudicator will choose which portion of piece to hear.
* Performance time for ensembles must include set-up time within the allotted 8 minutes.

Repertoire Requirements

* All grade groupings may perform one or two pieces.
* Two pieces must contrast in style.
* Pedagogical pieces are acceptable at all levels.
* Equipment provided for this audition track will be one acoustic piano and one music stand.
* NO REPRODUCTIONS of copyrighted music may be used for either the soloist or ensemble members. Written permission from the publisher for works no longer published is acceptable. Violation of the rule will cause disqualification.
* Students are to provide measure numbers (if not preprinted) for the adjudicator.
* Students will not be required to present an extra copy of the music, but they must notify the adjudicator and allow the adjudicator to look on during the performance.

Please refer to the Auditions Handbook.

For more information, contact David Tauscher.